Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Skills

Look what Sophie can do!

She has been very resistant to going underwater, but a little peer pressure from her best friend did the trick. She was so thrilled and had so much fun looking at everyone's legs and feet underwater. 

Annabelle has also been enjoying the pool. 

She loves to ride in her float, to suck pool water off the float (gross!), and to be bounced in and out of the water. 

On Father's Day, she also tried out the swing,

the slide,

and Daddy's shoulders. 

We are so thrilled that she is enjoying life more this summer than last summer, which was the Summer of Reflux.

Also, I caught her this week pushing her wipes box off the changing table and swiping her lotion off the changing table, giggling with glee both times. We are in so much trouble. 

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