Sunday, August 24, 2014

What We Did This Summer

Tomorrow Annabelle will be sixteen months old, so stay tuned for some photos and an update later this week.  It has been a busy and exhausting summer, so I'm sorry that I haven't kept everyone up to date.  Here is a quick update on what we've done:

Ate dinner out for Sophie's birthday.

Ate decadent chocolate cupcakes at our dear friend and former babysitter Miss Jane's wedding.

Did lots of fun crafts at the library.

Read books together.

Visited Keegan's cousin and her family at Topsail Beach.

Took a trip to Busch Gardens with cousin Sammy.

Visited the doctor - but at least we had a smile while we were there!

Rode Sophie's birthday bike, complete with doll seat and chalk holder for making chalk trails.

Played at the neighborhood playground.  This is Sophie's impression of a summer snowman!

Picked blueberries (and did lots of other things) with Sophie's best friend Portia.

Watched TV together.

Took ballet for the first time.

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  1. This post made me smile_everyone looks so happy!! Sam starts her dance class next week and is super excited. She tells everyone about her trip to see Sophie (just yesterday) and how they pet a horse and slept over. :)